Who is the Platte County Historical and Genealogical Society? The Platte County, Missouri Historical & Genealogical Society is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the act of preserving the history, architecture and genealogy of Platte County, Missouri.

What is your Mailing Address? Platte County Historical & Genealogical Society, Inc., P. O. Box 103, Platte City, MO 64079-0103

What is the Museum Address? Ben Ferrel Platte County 1882 Museum, 220 Ferrel Street, Platte City, MO 64079

What’s the Museum Phone Number? 816-431-5121  

When are you open? We are open from April through October, Thursdays and Fridays from 1 – 4 pm. We’re closed from November through March (except for special events or by appointment only).

What’s the Admission Cost? $5.00

Do you allow Wedding Photos? Yes! The Ben Ferrel 1882 Mini-Mansion located at 220 Ferrel Street in Platte City, Missouri is a wonderful backdrop for your pictures.  Call Zelda Reeber at (816) 640-0167 or Diane Pepper at (816) 719-1044 to make the necessary arrangements with you and your photographer. The Ben Ferrel Mansion is available for a donation of $60. 

Do you take old Platte County family photos?  Absolutely! Please donate them to the Platte County Historical and Genealogical Library.  It is the perfect place to have them filed and preserved for history.

Who are the current PCHS officers?

Board of Directors, Class of 2019

Board of Directors, Class of 2020

Board of Directors, Class of 2021

Ben Ferrel Museum Board  

  • Paula York, Lisa Wittmeyer, Dr. Carl Myers


  • Judy Listrom, Regina Davenport

Standing Committees

  • Acquisitions: Lisa Wittmeyer, JoKaren Brown
  • Archives Court Records: Bill Foster
  • Book Sales: Alan York
  • Camden Point Cemetery:  Matthew Silber
  • Correspondence: Becky Bauer
  • Fundraisers: Sue Hurd VanAmburg
  • Grants: Phil Schroeder, Becky Bauer
  • Curator Museum: Lisa Wittmeyer
  • Librarian/Genealogist: Craig Kirkpatrick
  • Membership & Mailing: Ken Klamm
  • Museum Archive Records: Susan Offutt
  • Museum Docents: Cheri Lomas, Zelda Reeber
  • Museum Inventory: Jo Karen Brown
  • Museum Grounds & Maintenance: Joe Vanover
  • PCHS Website (new): Matthew Silber, tridus@live.com
  • PCHS Website (old): Ken Martin, thevintageguy@cox.net
  • Press Releases: Ken Klamm
  • Accountant: Frank Reiss, Ferrin Accounting
  • Legal Advisor: Witt, Hicklin, Snider, P.C.


  • Editor: Ken Klamm
  • Publisher: Platte County Historical and Genealogical Society
  • Printer: Action Printing & Mailing Solutions

What are some other locations in Platte County that I might like to visit?



Location Ben Ferrel 1882 Mini Mansion Museum, 220 Ferrel St. Platte City, Missouri 64079 Phone 816-431-5121 Hours Admission: $5.00 Open: April - October, Thursday & Friday 1:00 - 4:00 p.m. CLOSED from Nov to March (Opened by appointment only)
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