Following are interesting items of history concerning some of our Platte County churches. Information is from Paxton’s Annals, which can be purchased from the Platte County Historical Society Book Store!

A bitter feud in 1854 arises between two parties of the Christian Church in Camden Point – Prof. Todd and Phinehas Skinner. After two years of wrangling, the matter is settled to the satisfaction of no one. Todd resigns to build the Platte City Female Academy. In 1889, the Orphan school burns, and the State Christian association moves to Fulton, Mo – where William Woods University stands to this day.

Old Platte City Methodist Church (Built 1867 – demolished in 2013) Note: The illustration at left (click to enlarge) by Matthew Silber is of the structure that sat on the corner of Ferrel and 3rd Street in Platte City (across from the present-day Christian Church and Ben Ferrel museum. The illustration includes the actual pattern of the stained glass that was featured in this historic church.

Frederick Starr was a Presbyterian minister who settled at Weston from around 1850, until 1855. As a “Free Soiler” and member of the Leavenworth association, Starr was said to be quite active in the community activities. He eventually ran into conflict with the Platte County Self Defensive Association, and left the area. He held pastorates in Pennsylvania and the North Presbyterian Church in St. Louis.¬† He died in St. Louis in 1867 and was buried in Auburn, New York.

Location Ben Ferrel 1882 Mini Mansion Museum, 220 Ferrel St. Platte City, Missouri 64079 Phone 816-431-5121 Hours Admission: $5.00 Open: April - October, Thursday & Friday 1:00 - 4:00 p.m. CLOSED from Nov to March (Opened by appointment only)
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