Red Crown Tavern (demolished in the late 1960s) – located near KCI airport, the Red Crown Tavern and cabins was the site of the July 20, 1933 gun battle between local law officers and Bonnie and Clyde – as well as three other members of their gang. Bonnie and Clyde made their escape, but were later tracked down four days later in Iowa.

A photo of the old rail bed of The Kansas City, Clay County, and St. Joseph Interurban Railway, an electric interurban “light” railroad, that existed from 1913 to 1933. Just a short distance from where this photo was taken, you’ll come across Sharp Station Road. This was named after Calvin Sharp, who owned the land on which an Interurban station and store was built. Also in the area, you’ll find the Goose Neck Neighborhood – so called because of a bend in the Platte River. A country history of 1885 mentions that soldiers gathered in 1862 at Goose Neck.

Platte City: The county seat named from the river on which it is located. It was first known as Falls of Platte, or Platte Falls, from the falls in the stream. Later for a time it was known as Martinsville for Zadoc Martin, who operated a ferry on the river. Today you can continue to see remnants of the old stone bridge pylons that used to stand over the Platte Falls, and lead directly onto Main Street. (click to enlarge photo at left)

Barry: A town on the Clay-Platte County line. Having been established as an Indian trading post about 1830, it is one of the oldest towns in this section of the country. It was named for W.T. Barry (1785-1835), who became Postmaster-General in 1829. The Williams family was very prominent around Barry, and owned farm-land. The photo at left is of an old gas station that used to sit near Barry, and the resting place of the Williams family.

Edgerton Junction: A junction of two branches of the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railway two and a half miles west of Edgerton. The western Terminus of one branch is Atchison, Kansas, and the place was first known as Atchison Junction. There was a small town located near this bridge (today only remnants remain), but it has since disappeared. Various older residents (Harmer family of Edgerton) have recalled a gas station and small store.

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Location Ben Ferrel 1882 Mini Mansion Museum, 220 Ferrel St. Platte City, Missouri 64079 Phone 816-431-5121 Hours Admission: $5.00 Open: April - October, Thursday & Friday 1:00 - 4:00 p.m. CLOSED from Nov to March (Opened by appointment only)
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